Monday, November 20, 2017

"Tremendous American Carnage" Compilation Tape - SOLD OUT.

"Tremendous American Carnage" Compilation Tape
Huge annihilation potential here, folks! Nine of the most horrendous bands to ever terrorize God's favorite nation soak your brain with a gushing geyser of gratuitous grindcore goodness. Over thirty minutes of brand new previously unreleased noise featuring the talents of SUPPRESSION, COUPLE SKATE, SEWAGE GRINDER, VOMIT BREATH, REEKING CROSS, BRUISED EGO, SULFURIC CAUTERY, NEKRO DRUNKZ and ERECTILE DEMENTIA. Full-color pro-printed covers and pro-dubbed Chrome cassettes limited to one hundred fabulous copies. Get one today or go complain that it's not on your personal favorite outmoded physical format while sucking raw death directly out of your own worthless ass. Either way, everyone is a fucking winner! SOLD OUT.

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