Tuesday, November 6, 2012

PROSTHETIC YOUTH "Demo 2012" Tape - Out Now!

Eight tracks of sexually intimidating rock n' roll. Mentally and musically inept yet still aurally stimulating. Equal parts Joe Walsh, HELLHAMMER and Down's Syndrome sauteed in an electric urine sause for fans of cough syrup addition, pubic hair and suicide. From some of the same assholes who brought you SOCKEYE, FOSSIL FUEL and BRODY'S MILITIA. Prepare to eat shit. Available now from Backwoods Butcher Records! CLICK HERE to order. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

STABBED TO DEATH "Demo 2012" Cassette - Now Available From Backwoods Butcher!

Eleven tracks of hyper punk noise that sounds like HELLNATION and THE RAMONES in a blender. One hundred copies on pro-dubbed cassettes with hand-made cover and insert. Listen to a few tunes HERE and then go buy a copy HERE.

Friday, June 8, 2012

BRODY'S MILITIA / ANTiSEEN "Primal Roar" split 7" EP - Now Available From Give Praise Records!

It's a falls-count-anywhere punk rock rematch with no disqualifications! Kentucky thrash savages BRODY'S MILITIA draw first blood with two new tracks of malicious rocked out chainsaw hardcore plus a totally ridiculous country song written in the poorest taste imaginable. Delay suicide just long enough to flip the platter and lose your teeth to the iron fists of ANTiSEEN! The thirty year punk rock veterans and reigning heavyweight champs of kicking your ass offer up one new studio barn burner plus a punishing new live rendition of their classic “N.C. Royalty”. Like a grizzly bear gnawing on your empty skull, this squared circle of vinyl violence is pure flesh-rippin' Southern punk rock mayhem wrapped in barbed wire and dipped in rattlesnake venom! More classic cover art by Bill Hauser. CLICK HERE to order a copy of the bluw vinyl version directly from me. Get in touch with GIVE PRAISE RECORDS for wholesale or trades.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

BRODY'S MILITIA "Covered In Violence" LP - Available Now From RSR!

Kentucky’s most savage thrash assholes lovingly mutilate twelve punk and metal classics! From the thermonuclear caterwauling of the early years to the hardrock chainsaw barbarity of the current abomination, these recordings span BRODY’S MILITIA’s entire decade-long career of rampant idiocy! Bloody fucking homage is paid in spades with crushing covers of NAPALM DEATH, LED ZEPPELIN (featuring lead vocals by Gana from THE GAIA / PLASTIC NINE), RUPTURE, MOTORHEAD, CRASS, NUNSLAUGHTER, BLUE OYSTER CULT, DEATH SIDE (featuring guest vocals and a guitar solo from Wedge & Aaron of THE INMATES), THE RAMONES and ANTISEEN. Maximum sonic cruelty with brilliant cover art by Nor Prego. Here's the complete track list:

Here's the complete tracklist for the LP:

I Fucken Hate You (RUPTURE)
Spare Change (ANTiSEEN)
The KKK Took My Baby Away (RAMONES)
This Ain't The Summer Of Love (BLUE OYSTER CULT)
Dazed And Confused (LED ZEPPELIN)
I Live Just My life (DEATH SIDE)
Fuck All Y'all (ANTiSEEN)
Riding With The Driver (MOTORHEAD)
Outro Sucks (CRASS)


Available from Give Praise Records and Rescued From Life Records in the USA or directly from RSR in Germany for 16 EUR to skrupel@web.de postpaid to anywhere on Earth.