Tuesday, March 24, 2015

BRODY'S MILITIA "Covered In Violence" CD - SOLD OUT.

From the thermonuclear caterwauling thrash of the early years to the hard rockin' chainsaw barbarity of the current abomination, these recordings span the first decade (2001-2010) of BRODY’S MILITIA’s career of rampant idiocy! This superior CD version was mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound for the ultimate in sledgehammer sound and includes the split 7"s with RUPTURE and NUNSLAUGHTER plus the "Tribute Through Butchery" EP for added bonus value.
CD Tracklist:
01. I Fucken Hate You (RUPTURE) 
02. Satanic Slut / Burning Away (NUNSLAUGHTER) 
03. Spare Change (ANTiSEEN) 
04. The KKK Took My Baby Away (RAMONES) 
05. Scum (NAPALM DEATH) 
06. This Ain't The Summer Of Love (BLUE OYSTER CULT)
07. Dazed And Confused (LED ZEPPELIN) / I Live Just My Life (DEATH SIDE) 
08. Fuck All Y'all (ANTiSEEN) 
09. Riding With The Driver (MOTORHEAD) 
10. Outro Sucks (CRASS) 
11. Green Goblin (RUPTURE) 
12. Earth's Dead So Stop Crying (RUPTURE) 
13. Sick Of Fucken Shit (RUPTURE) 
14. We Like To Generalize (RUPTURE) 
16. Morbid Tales (CELTIC FROST) 
17. Ready To Fuck (SARCOFAGO) 
18. Sick Of Fucken Shit (RUPTURE) 
19. Ugly American (ANTiSEEN) 
20. Strange Pursuits (DEVO) 
21. Funeral Chant (SOCKEYE) 
22. World Up My Ass (THE CIRCLE JERKS) 
23. No Machine Trouble (TETSU ARRAY) 
25. Alcoholic Survival (HELLNATION) 
26. Trashed (BLACK SABBATH)

This CD was released by Trauma Records from Columbia. I am sold out of copies myself but you can get in touch directly with the label for wholesale, trades and possible cheaper postage overseas. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

PONTIUS PIRATE "Pterodactyl Island" LP is now available!

Seventeen tracks of bad vibes and sinister sounds from two of the wizards who brought you SOCKEYE and FOSSIL FUEL plus one other idiot. Even the most hearing-impaired fans of early BUTTHOLE SURFERS, JERRY CLOWER and severely-damaged HAWKWIND records will find it challenging to endure this nightmare soundtrack of regressive retard rock in one sitting. Explore the lowest depths of alcohol-fueled dementia while simultaneously reaching new heights of terrifying pleasure in ways previously thought impossible! Somewhere between bewildering annoyance and absolute brilliance lies PONTIUS PIRATE. Could this be the record that finally ruins music for you completely? Dab the wound, wipe away the vomit and order without hesitation. Like a real man do!
BUY here.