Sunday, December 31, 2017

Top 15 Favorite New Releases of 2017.

Here are my own personal top fifteen favorite new releases of 2017. This is only stuff I actually bought; no downloads, internet clips or other boring bullshit. I tried to do this earlier but the good shit kept on coming and I still haven't heard the new AUTOPSY 12" yet. Tried to keep the reissues to a minimum. It was a damn good year for new underground sounds!

ANTiSEEN "The Complete Drastic Sessions" LP
BARROW WIGHT "Kings In Saurons Service" LP
BLOOD DUSTER "All The Remains" LP
BLUE OYSTER CULT "Rarities Vol 1" 2 X LP
BBQ TUMOR "Taters N' Chops" CD
GOATMOON "Stella Polaris" CD
GOATPENIS "Anesthetic Vapor" LP
HOLOCAUSTO "War Metal Massacre" 12" EP
MASSGRAV "Stockholm Rockers" LP
REEK OF THE UNZEN GAS FUMES "Detritivorous Kamigami" LP
SEWAGE GRINDER "Social Shitstorm" 7" EP
TOUGH SKINS "Rock Quarry" 7" EP
V/A "Disaster 29 Years In The Making" Tape
V/A "Your Ass: The Musical" 2 X CD

Sunday, December 3, 2017

BRODY'S MILITIA "Early Days" Discography CD - OUT NOW!!!

Available now from the fine freaks at HPGD Productions! Sixty sadistic blasts of brain-obliterating chainsaw thrash! Raw, violent and fast as fuck! This disc collects the complete early output of this pack of bloodthirsty bruisers including their debut “Violence Solves Some Things” EP, “Brody's Militia Hates You” EP, split LP with WIDESPREAD BLOODSHED and various other split EPs and obscure compilation tracks. Everything has been painstakingly remastered by Mammoth Sound Studios for a maximum high-fidelity assault. Includes twelve page booklet with lyrics, info and artwork.

Monday, November 20, 2017

"Tremendous American Carnage" Compilation Tape - SOLD OUT.

"Tremendous American Carnage" Compilation Tape
Huge annihilation potential here, folks! Nine of the most horrendous bands to ever terrorize God's favorite nation soak your brain with a gushing geyser of gratuitous grindcore goodness. Over thirty minutes of brand new previously unreleased noise featuring the talents of SUPPRESSION, COUPLE SKATE, SEWAGE GRINDER, VOMIT BREATH, REEKING CROSS, BRUISED EGO, SULFURIC CAUTERY, NEKRO DRUNKZ and ERECTILE DEMENTIA. Full-color pro-printed covers and pro-dubbed Chrome cassettes limited to one hundred fabulous copies. Get one today or go complain that it's not on your personal favorite outmoded physical format while sucking raw death directly out of your own worthless ass. Either way, everyone is a fucking winner! SOLD OUT.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

ERECTILE DEMENTIA "Rock N' Roll Abortion" LP - OUT NOW!!!

ExDx "Rock N' Roll Abortion" LP
Thirty nine rectum-ruining blasts from Kentucky's premier distillers of expertly crafted hard rock sodomy. A masterwork of morbid immaturity and horrendous ear slaughter. This brutal blend of blitzkrieg speed punk, massive nutsack 70's rock and neanderthal scum metal makes for the ultimate in vomit-inducing death. Bite down hard and swallow the afterbirth for Satan! Pressed on militant black wax with eye-gouging cover art by Morbid Mark. Co-released with out pals from Rescued From Life Records, Headsplit Records and Grindfather Productions. Click HERE to listen online like some kind of fuckin' nerd or just get on with it and buy the actual record right HERE.

Thursday, June 15, 2017


Thirteen brand new loads of rip roarin' cock rock, mutant grindcore and brain-molesting death from ERECTILE DEMENTIA. Four spine-splintering eruptions of sick grindcore from SEWAGE GRINDER including an insane HEART cover tune and more fast-as-fuck madness. Brutal, catchy and ready to ravage. Each copy comes freshly pressed on soul-obliterating abyss black wax so don't delay. Get a copy now because you'll probably be dead tomorrow. You don't wanna be the only fucking poser dweeb in hell so click HERE to buy.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


SPASTIC AMOEBAS "Self-Titled" Cassette
Ten undulating blobs of diseased rock that will spread directly into your brain and eat away your basic cognitive abilities. Acid-blasted punk oddities of the mutant variety. Deformed strains of early BUTTHOLE SURFERS, RUPTURE, FOSSIL FUEL, DEVO and GISM gathered together in one weird Petri dish by an international team of rock n' roll scientists from Kentucky, Ohio and Melbourne. Professionally dubbed and printed cassettes limited to 100 copies! SOLD OUT.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"Your Ass: The Musical" Compilation - Now Available!

"Your Ass: The Musical"
Your Ass: The Musical” 2 X Pro CDR – The weirdest bands of the underground rock sewers take to the stage for a double disc tribute to totally retarded musical entertainment. An international affair featuring bands from such far-flung regions as Finland, Japan, England and Ohio; you'll thrill to the sounds of FOSSIL FUEL, THE DICK PANTHERS, ERECTILE DEMENTIA, BBQ TUMOR, CAPTAIN THREE LEG, LOVING COUPLES, EURODISNEY DEATHCAMP and many more as they mutilate various show tunes, musical numbers, operas and movie themes! Tony Award-winning songsmith Food Fortunata spent over two years curating the ultimate insult to Broadway and the results are absolutely astounding. Thirty-nine songs on two professionally pressed CDRs in a beautiful full-color jacket plus a lovely eight-page Playbill so you can enjoy the show properly! Over one hundred minutes of melodious nightmare fuel. Another masterwork of idiotic delight from Wheelchair Full of Old Men Records.

Get a copy from Wheelchair Full Of Old Men by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


CEMETERY FUNGUS "Demo 2017" Tape
Five tracks of Christ-crushing death metal. Crude and catchy rock n' roll holocaust with full Satanic penetration for fans of eternal rotting damnation. Professionally dubbed Chrome cassettes limited to 100 copies. Click HERE to buy or HERE to listen via the brand new "Demo Tape Collection" Bandcamp site.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

ERECTILE DEMENTIA "Slaughterography" CD - OUT NOW!!!

ERECTILE DEMENTIA "Slaughterography" CD
One billion blasts of false noisecore horsecock rock for the twats and the posers! This glorious disc of digital dominance collects all the 7" EPs, splits and tons of obscure compilation appearances recorded from 2013 to 2016. Experience the pure joy of the greatest band of the 21st century all over yet again for the very first time. Total humiliation of the average limp-dick noisecore wimps! Get a copy by clicking right HERE or get lost.