Monday, March 26, 2018

BREATHILIZOR "Demonic Eyeless Oboe Concerto In The Rue Morgue" CD - OUT NOW!!!

Originally formed in 1993 as part of a blood sacrifice gone wrong, the ghouls of BREATHILIZÖR have yet again risen from the crypt to vomit forth their third foul full-length studio album. Grease up your portal and prepare to suffer a level of sadistic nether-worldly dominance far beyond the confines of your feeble imagination. More venomous than VENOM, more spikes per appendage than SARCOFAGO and more sweat on the Bowflex than BLASPHEMY. The ultimate in mentally-challenged metal morbidity! Brought to you by the same deviant necro-wizards responsible for SOCKEYE and FOSSIL FUEL. Released in conspiracy with the band and Wheelchair Full of Old Men Records.

Click HERE to buy a copy and rot forever in the abyss!

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