Tuesday, November 7, 2017

ERECTILE DEMENTIA "Rock N' Roll Abortion" LP - OUT NOW!!!

ExDx "Rock N' Roll Abortion" LP
Thirty nine rectum-ruining blasts from Kentucky's premier distillers of expertly crafted hard rock sodomy. A masterwork of morbid immaturity and horrendous ear slaughter. This brutal blend of blitzkrieg speed punk, massive nutsack 70's rock and neanderthal scum metal makes for the ultimate in vomit-inducing death. Bite down hard and swallow the afterbirth for Satan! Pressed on militant black wax with eye-gouging cover art by Morbid Mark. Co-released with out pals from Rescued From Life Records, Headsplit Records and Grindfather Productions. Click HERE to listen online like some kind of fuckin' nerd or just get on with it and buy the actual record right HERE.

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