Sunday, October 6, 2013

FUNERARY BOX "Befouling Consecrated Ground" 7" EP - SOLD OUT!!!

Five new tracks of weird and raw black / death metal hell from FUNERARY BOX. Limited to 300 copies all on black vinyl with a pocket sleeve and insert. Copies are available from No Fucking Labels in The Netherlands and Bestial Burst in Finland.


Monday, February 25, 2013

FUNERARY BOX "Hell-Hammered Horror" 12" MLP is now availble!

FUNERARY BOX 'Hell-Hammered Horror" 12" MLP - Godless death-mongers will grovel in orgasmic misery before the throne of FUNERARY BOX! Akin to smoking methamphetamines directly out of Lucifer’s mighty cock, there will be no room left in your throat for even a single feeble scream as this relentless battery of unapologetic mongoloid metal hammers your skull into a frothy pink pulp. Primitive barbarian violence performed by mentally-crippled cretins driven to blood lust by the moldering sonic curses of VENOM, SHUB NIGGURATH, IMPETIGO, NUCLEAR DEATH, SARCOFAGO and beer. These eight torrid tracks (including a cover of THE ROLLING STONES "Undercover Of The Night") make up a slab of abysmal filth guaranteed to sodomize every other pussy record in your pathetic collection. The entire pressing comes carved in black vinyl with a traditional black and white album cover, lyric sheet and no fucking retarded MP3 download card or any other bullshit gimmickry. Adult contemporary art house metal fuck off; this is belligerent blasphemous noise custom crafted for knuckle dragging neanderthal scum.

Click HERE to buy a copy from Rescued From Life Records!

Friday, February 22, 2013

"Invocation Of Obscene Gods" Volume Three - NOW AVAILABLE!

The new issue is ready to order! 64 professionally printed pages of punk and metal filth for the literate idiot! Featuring brand new interviews with COCKNOOSE, AUTOPSY, BREATHILIZOR, SKULLHOG, VICKERS, Steveggs of P.O.E. / NUTSCREAMER, another installment of "Throwback Flashback" with RUPTURE, more GEROGERIGEGEGE obsession, a live report from CSMD, general wisdom from Dr. Jason Wade, stupid columns and reviews of awful records. A cavalcade of maturity and good taste!

$5 USA / $7 WORLD POSTPAID! Click HERE to order now!

Monday, January 14, 2013

BRODY'S MILITIA "Cycle Of Hate" 7" EP now available!

Six brand new studio tracks of brutal punk rock from this long-running terrorist cult. Chainsaw thrash and cut throat rock n' roll expertly blended for the finest in violent musical celebration on your stereo. Includes the sledge hammer smash hit "Riding Out Of Hell" featuring guest crooners Don of the Dead and Jim Sadist from NUNSLAUGHTER. A sadistic barbarian freak out with endless ripping guitars and a duel-throated vocal attack vomiting out pure venom and hate. No limp dick color-by-numbers weak shit. Limited to 444 copies all on peckerwood white wax. CLICK HERE to check out a short preview clip on Youtube. CLICK HERE to order a copy directly from me. Please get in touch with GIVE PRAISE RECORDS for wholesale and trades. Thanks!