Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"Your Ass: The Musical" Compilation - Now Available!

"Your Ass: The Musical"
Your Ass: The Musical” 2 X Pro CDR – The weirdest bands of the underground rock sewers take to the stage for a double disc tribute to totally retarded musical entertainment. An international affair featuring bands from such far-flung regions as Finland, Japan, England and Ohio; you'll thrill to the sounds of FOSSIL FUEL, THE DICK PANTHERS, ERECTILE DEMENTIA, BBQ TUMOR, CAPTAIN THREE LEG, LOVING COUPLES, EURODISNEY DEATHCAMP and many more as they mutilate various show tunes, musical numbers, operas and movie themes! Tony Award-winning songsmith Food Fortunata spent over two years curating the ultimate insult to Broadway and the results are absolutely astounding. Thirty-nine songs on two professionally pressed CDRs in a beautiful full-color jacket plus a lovely eight-page Playbill so you can enjoy the show properly! Over one hundred minutes of melodious nightmare fuel. Another masterwork of idiotic delight from Wheelchair Full of Old Men Records.

Get a copy from Wheelchair Full Of Old Men by clicking HERE.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

CEMETERY FUNGUS "Demo 2017" Tape - OUT NOW!!!

CEMETERY FUNGUS "Demo 2017" Tape
Five tracks of Christ-crushing death metal. Crude and catchy rock n' roll holocaust with full Satanic penetration for fans of eternal rotting damnation. Professionally dubbed Chrome cassettes limited to 100 copies. Click HERE to buy or HERE to listen via the brand new "Demo Tape Collection" Bandcamp site.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

ERECTILE DEMENTIA "Slaughterography" CD - OUT NOW!!!

ERECTILE DEMENTIA "Slaughterography" CD
One billion blasts of false noisecore horsecock rock for the twats and the posers! This glorious disc of digital dominance collects all the 7" EPs, splits and tons of obscure compilation appearances recorded from 2013 to 2016. Experience the pure joy of the greatest band of the 21st century all over yet again for the very first time. Total humiliation of the average limp-dick noisecore wimps! Get a copy by clicking right HERE or get lost.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


BRODY'S MILITIA "Latter Days" Discography CD
Sixty-seven seething tracks of thermonuclear cock rock and horrendous chainsaw thrash! Raw, violent, hateful and intellectually superior punk rock. Everything has been painstakingly remastered by Mammoth Sound Studios for maximum high-fidelity assault. Sixteen page booklet with lyrics, info and art. Includes everything from the "Napalm Zeppelin Raids" EP, "Funeral Arrangements" EP, "Cycle Of Hate" EP, "Cretin Slaughterhouse" EP, split 7" EPs with ANTiSEEN (both), BREATHILIZOR, BLACK MARKET FETUS, GHOUL and NETJAJEV SS plus a few compilation tracks. CLICK HERE to buy a copy now.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate showdown of dumb versus evil. Slovakian supermen SEDEM MINUT STRACHU just left the USA a sticky mess with their reprehensible live noisecore molestation. Re-live the madness from the safety of your own stereo with their latest offering of high-fructose shit syrup. Overdose on the sweet nectar of never-ending noise! ERECTILE DEMENTIA provide full-release retard rock with a thirteen track hyper blast including a face-shearing FLEETWOOD MAC cover. Total satisfaction delivered directly to your undulating orifices. A feast for the starving headache enthusiasts worldwide!

CLICK HERE to buy! Folks overseas can get 'em from NOISE NOT WAR or KAZ RE-CHORDS.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

ERECTILE DEMENTIA "58 Song Demo" Cassette Reissue - OUT NOW!!!

Fifty eight bursts of horrendous low-brow ear slaughter! Professionally dubbed and printed, mastered at Dead Air Studio and limited to (this second edition of) one hundred hand-numbered copies. For fans of inept and immature noisecore a la SORE THROAT, GORE BEYOND NECROPSY, SENSELESS APOCALYPSE, broken shards of black metal, 70's rock fragments, brain damage, mental retardation, etc.

Click HERE to order.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

ERECTILE DEMENTIA / MADRE COCA split 7" EP is now available!

Nine new soul-searing pop anthems from Kentucky's fucked up finest. Shove a bunch of blasting noisecore nonsense, knuckle dragging scum metal and greasy 70's rock worship into a titanium blender and then shove that blender up your ass. Countless vicious eruptions from German noisecore engineers MADRE COCA will send even the bravest noise warriors scampering for safety with damp panties and bleeding ears. Another blessing bestowed upon humanity courtesy of Backwoods Butcher Records, No Fucking Labels and a whole host of other fine international shit wizards.

I am sold out of this record but you can get one overseas by clicking HERE.

BRODY'S MILITIA "Funeral Arrangements" 7" EP is now available!

BRODY'S MILITIA "Funeral Arrangements" 7" EP
Twenty one fast-as-fuck tracks of hateful thrash created by drooling old perverts high on cobra venom and weasel semen. Suffer yourself some authentic rock n' roll brain trauma not unlike HEIST, HERESY and SORE THROAT. Sure to delight fans of exploding infant corpses, blood-thirsty gorilla revenge and unintentional celebrity suicide via auto-erotic asphyxiation. Hallelujah! Brought to you by Rescued From Life Records.

Get one direct from TEXAS!