Wednesday, July 28, 2010

V/A "All Punks Spending Drunk Night" Compilation EP

Released in 2006 as a collaboration with Rescued From Life Records from Texas and Haunted Hotel Records from New York. One thousand copies all on black vinyl with pocket sleeve covers. CLICK HERE to order a copy directly from me.

Side One:

01. Rajoitus "Viha Vaijyy"
02. Suiko "Idiots"
03. Tumor Feast "Bludgeoner"
04. Tumor Feast "Firing Squad"
05. Tumor Feast "Patheticism"
06. Massgrav "Dorrterror"
07. Brody's Militia "Daisy Cutter"
08. Brody's Militia "Skull Collector"
09. Merda "Redneck Killer"

Side Two:

01. Netjajev SS "I Wanna Be A Riot Cop"
02. Netjajev SS "Millions Of Dead Crusties"
03. Voetsek "Fuck Yer Unity"
04. Widespread Bloodshed "Slowly You Rot"
05. Widespread Bloodshed "Dechristianize Hardcore"
06. No Value "Crisis"
07. Shrapnel Face "Guilt"
08. Hellnation "No Reason To Stop"

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