Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BRODY'S MILITIA "Rock N' Roll Traitors" Cassette


Released in 2006. One hundred yellow pro-dubbed cassettes with double-sided yellow and black fold out cover featuring info, lyrics and artwork. The two cover songs from this release were used for the "Tribute Through Blasphemy" split EP with Cleveland, Ohio death metal freaks NUNSLAUGHTER.

Side One:

01. Morbid Tales (originally by CELTIC FROST)
02. Won't Change A Thing
03. Carry On Mumbling
04. Far Away From Here
05. Nerve Damage / Lying In Wait

Side Two:

01. Ready To Fuck (originally by SARCOFAGO)
02. I, Knuckle Dragger
03. Rock N' Roll Traitors
04. Nietzche In A Bottle
05. For You

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