Monday, June 8, 2015

Two new ERECTILE DEMENTIA 7" EPs now available!

ERECTILE DEMENTIA "Dismal Visions" 7" EP - Twenty-three bursts of barn-burning delirium! A schizo amalgamation of inept noisecore and idiotic rock n' roll ready to escort your daughter to the dance. Brought to you by the international terror triad of No Fucking Labels, Rescued From Life and Backwoods Butcher Records!

ERECTILE DEMENTIA "Kiss Every Ass" 7" EP - 
Twelve more beautiful blasts of blood-thirsty rock n' roll noisecore! Spastic out-freakage for the 
discerning maniac. These are the exact same tracks from the sold-out "Mongoloid Handjob" cassette remastered, repackaged and sold back to you yet again on the bourgeois vinyl format as part of an elaborate international conspiracy to rip you off and milk the underground for profit. Brutal as all get out.

Listen HERE and then go buy 'em HERE. Cheaper postage for folks overseas from No Fucking Labels!

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