Thursday, December 4, 2014

V/A "Abominations Of Rock" Cassette - SOLD OUT!!!

V/A "Abominations Of Rock" Four-Way Split Cassette
Four-way split fuckfest of savage cacophony! ERECTILE DEMENTIA eviscerate your sister with eleven tracks of rusty hacksaw carnage, Finnish noisecore cult SIVIILIMURHA crank out their first batch of new terror tracks in over ten years, THE DICK PANTHERS continue their reign as the current kings of tardcore idiot rock and greasy new-cummers EROTIC STEPDAD supply a cranial-obliterating happy ending the likes of which you're not soon to forget. Nearly a full EP worth of stiff joy from each band. The next level of supreme idiocy has been achieved and you have the opportunity to experience it firsthand. Allah be praised! Professionally dubbed and printed tapes.


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