Sunday, December 31, 2017

Top 15 Favorite New Releases of 2017.

Here are my own personal top fifteen favorite new releases of 2017. This is only stuff I actually bought; no downloads, internet clips or other boring bullshit. I tried to do this earlier but the good shit kept on coming and I still haven't heard the new AUTOPSY 12" yet. Tried to keep the reissues to a minimum. It was a damn good year for new underground sounds!

ANTiSEEN "The Complete Drastic Sessions" LP
BARROW WIGHT "Kings In Saurons Service" LP
BLOOD DUSTER "All The Remains" LP
BLUE OYSTER CULT "Rarities Vol 1" 2 X LP
BBQ TUMOR "Taters N' Chops" CD
GOATMOON "Stella Polaris" CD
GOATPENIS "Anesthetic Vapor" LP
HOLOCAUSTO "War Metal Massacre" 12" EP
MASSGRAV "Stockholm Rockers" LP
REEK OF THE UNZEN GAS FUMES "Detritivorous Kamigami" LP
SEWAGE GRINDER "Social Shitstorm" 7" EP
TOUGH SKINS "Rock Quarry" 7" EP
V/A "Disaster 29 Years In The Making" Tape
V/A "Your Ass: The Musical" 2 X CD

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