Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Invocation Of Obscene Gods" Fanzine Issue #4 - SOLD OUT!!!

"Invocation Of Obscene Gods" Issue #4 - Cover art by Frank Oblak.
"Invocation Of Obscene Gods" Issue #4 is out now! Eighty-eight professionally printed pages of idiot insight and barbarian brilliance featuring columns, art, photos, reviews, a tour report from HELLSTOMPER, morbid wisdom from Dr. Jason Wade, an on-the-job discussion with an actual autopsy doctor, reprints of two classic RUPTURE interviews plus brand new and in-depth interviews with FOSSIL FUEL (Ohio), GOATPENIS (Brazil), GONKULATOR (Hell), GLOBSTERS (Kentucky), MASSGRAV (Sweden), NUIT NOIRE (France) and RIDE FOR REVENGE (Finland). Each copy comes with a high quality 4" X 4" vinyl FOSSIL FUEL sticker! This is the biggest and dumbest issue yet. SOLD OUT!!!

Interview with South American black metal terrorists GOATPENIS.
"Mental Hopscotch" column by Dr. Jason Wade.
Interview with French metal freaks NUIT NOIRE.
Interview with RIDE FOR REVENGE from Finland.

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